Inmode Aesthetics DiolazeXL Laser Hair Removal

How does it work?

Safely and gently eliminate unwanted hair with our advanced laser treatment by reaching the root of hair follicles. Our hair removal technology covers a large treatment area, making treatments convenient and fast. Even better, most patients report little to no pain, due to 3PC Cooling that provides the ultimate in patient comfort. During laser treatment, a diode laser beam is targeted towards the hair follicles. The penetrating energy then heats up the root of the hair, destroying it, which prevents future hair growth.

Our laser hair removal technology at Capital Aesthetic and Laser Center can be safely used on most areas of the body that have unwanted hair. Most commonly treated areas include: bikini, legs, arms, chest, back, shoulders, stomach, neck, chin and sideburns.

Laser Hair removal works by targeting hair in the anagen, or active growth phase of the hair growth cycle. Since only about 10-15% of our body hair is in this phase at any given time, multiple treatments are necessary to achieve optimum results.

What does it feel like?

Most of our patients describe the treatment as a quick snap feeling similar to a small rubber band. Sometimes, in more sensitive areas like the bikini, we may prescribe topical numbing cream to ease any discomfort.

How often do I come in?

Typically treatments are spaced 8-12 weeks apart depending on the area being treated and the speed of your hair growth. We will customize your treatment plan to ensure optimum results.
How many treatments do I need?

Every patient is different, however, most patients require between 5-9 sessions in any given area.
Am I a good candidate?

Laser hair removal is effective on all body hair EXCEPT grey, white, red, blonde, or vellus hair. If you are uncertain if you’re an ideal candidate, please call us to schedule a hair evaluation prior to scheduling a treatment.

Can men do this too, or is it for women only?

Many men have chosen to undergo laser hair removal. It is becoming more and more popular to forgo shaving and waxing and choosing a permanent solution to their unwanted hair. Popular areas for men to treat are their back, chest, arms, back of the neck and even bikini area!

How do I prepare for my treatment?

We ask that you shave the area completely prior to coming in and have clean, untanned skin. We also ask that you are off any photo-sensitizing medications such a antibiotics, or retinols (if treating area where this is used). Also, please advise us if you have ever taken Isotretinoin (Accutane) as you must be off this medication for at least 6 months prior to treatment. We also do not treat women who are pregnant. If you have waxed, bleached, tweezed, or used Nair or other depilatory creams in the area, we ask that you wait at least 6 weeks until your laser hair removal session as the hair must be in the follicle for the treatment to be effective.