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Can I Exercise After Botox Injections?

Exercise is an important part of any healthy anti-aging regimen. If you enjoy working out and love breaking a good sweat, you may be wondering how Botox fits into your daily routine.

So, can I exercise after Botox injections? Here’s what you need to know about post-injection exercise.

Can I Exercise After Botox Injections? Yes, But Follow These Rules

Botox is a non-invasive procedure, which means there is minimal downtime. In fact, there isn’t really any downtime to speak of after this injectable, and most patients return to their normal lives immediately after treatment.

But, when it comes to working out after Botox, there are some things you should know.

Avoid Strenuous Exercise for 24 Hours After Botox

First, don’t rush to get back to strenuous exercise. Most patients should wait no less than 24 hours before lifting heavy weights, hitting the treadmill, or any other intense activity.

Exercise increases blood circulation throughout the body, which is why you’re often flushed after working out. While increased blood flow is great for your health, it’s not ideal immediately after Botox treatment, as it may cause the product to unintentionally migrate to other areas. Plus, it can worsen swelling and bruising.

As a rule of thumb, avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours after Botox. You can engage in moderate exercise that doesn’t get your heart rate over 130 within four to five hours after treatment.

Avoid Bending Down Or Putting Too Much Pressure On Your Head

Just as you shouldn’t plan to take on your hardest workout immediately after Botox injections, you also don’t want to do anything that puts too much pressure on your head or facial area. This means no swimming while wearing a tight cap and goggles or any kind of exercise such as yoga poses like downward dog.

Putting additional pressure on the treatment area also increases the risk of bruising and inflammation.

Now that you have an answer to your question, “Can I exercise after Botox injections,” it’s time to book your ‘tox injections!

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