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Botox is one of the most popular and reliable anti-aging injectables. Assuming you want stunning results, you’ll want a natural looking Botox specialist in DC.

A neuromodulator that paralyzes facial muscles so dynamic wrinkles, or those that appear from making facial expressions, relax. Just because those targeted muscles aren’t able to move doesn’t mean your face will have a frozen look.

Will It Be Obvious I’ve Had Botox Injections?

The truth is this is a customizable treatment. You can decide how much Botox you want to be injected. And, as long as you choose a skilled professional to do the job, an au naturale look is certainly possible.

You likely know someone who gets Botox, but you can’t really tell by looking at them. The trick to keeping your treatment a secret, if that is what you want to do, is to give the side effects time to dissipate.

Is Botox Permanent?

No, it’s not. You can expect to enjoy your Botox results for three to four months. If you notice they begin to fade, speak to your natural looking Botox specialist in DC about further treatment.

How Do I Find a Qualified Botox Injector?

You can start by researching reputable medical professionals such as dermatologists, plastic surgeons, or specialized medical spas. Look for credentials, experience, and certifications.

Read reviews, and ask for recommendations from trusted sources. You’ll also want to book a consultation and ask to see before / after photos of their work to ensure you are choosing an injector who understands what natural results really mean.

Make a Call to Capital Aesthetics to Find a Natural Looking Botox Specialist in DC!

Our practitioners have over 25 years of combined experience, so we know what it takes to achieve a natural Botox outcome. You can count on us to listen to and understand your goals so you can love the way you look. Contact us at 202-861-2252 to book your appointment today!